How to get better rewards in Traffic Rider?

How to get better rewards in Traffic Rider

Start your engines and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled journey through Traffic Rider’s bustling streets! Are you ready to take your two-wheeled masterpiece to the next level and reap the ultimate rewards? Look no further as we reveal the path to more success in this thrilling mobile game. We’ll lead you through the twists and turns, arming you with the required methods and valuable insights to master “How to Get Better Rewards in Traffic Rider?” So put on your helmet, start your engine, and let’s race into a world of high scores, dramatic overtakes, and glory!

Step By step Guide: How to get better rewards in Traffic Rider?

Drive Skillfully

In Traffic Rider, mastering the art of skillful driving is the key to accessing a world of plentiful rewards. As you take to the virtual highway, you must polish your driving skills and control your motorcycle completely. Crash and collisions should be avoided, as they can hurt your progress and points. Adopting a smooth and controlled driving style improves your safety and chances of accruing more points and enjoying higher rewards.

Take advantage of opportunities to pass traffic with precision and grace, earning you extra points while demonstrating your driving prowess. Enjoy the rush of high-speed maneuvers while remaining alert and sensitive to the ever-changing traffic dynamics. Patience and focus are required as you drive through busy roadways, anticipating other vehicles’ movements and choosing your moments properly.

Overtake Traffic

Overtaking traffic becomes a fascinating art form in the fast-paced world of Traffic Rider, boosting your adrenaline and unlocking additional rewards. Taking advantage of opportunities to pass vehicles closely and rapidly can boost your points and propel you to greater heights. However, caution is essential, as accuracy is essential for avoiding collisions and maintaining momentum.

Maintain a keen watch on the road ahead, looking for openings and gaps in traffic that will allow for safe overtaking. Calculate your speed and timing carefully to ensure you have enough room to maneuver without jeopardizing your or others’ safety. Swiftly and deftly weave across the lanes, demonstrating your command of the road.

Maintain High Speeds

Unleash your bike’s full potential by embracing the craving for speed in Traffic Rider! Maintaining high speeds is not only a thrilling experience but also opens the door to larger rewards. As you accelerate, your points accumulate, bringing you to the top of the leaderboard. You can aslo download 3d high speed game Traffic rider 2 mod apk

However, heed the road’s cautionary call. While speed is an ally, it must be used with caution and care. Stay vigilant, anticipate traffic patterns, and steer precisely through the commotion. A split-second mistake might spell disaster. Prioritize safety by ensuring complete control over your bike’s handling, braking, and acceleration.

Maintain High Speeds

Enjoy the exhilaration of the wind rushing past you as you race through the streets, but always keep the risks in mind. Balance your thirst for speed with smart judgment, pushing the limits at the correct times while closely monitoring the traffic around you.

Complete Missions and Objectives

In Traffic Rider, go on a quest for greatness by delving deep into the tasks and objectives that await your expert hands. Paying close attention to these tasks adds excitement to your adventure and opens the door to many awards and incentives.

Immerse yourself in the game’s varied selection of tasks. Each job, from timed trials to overtaking difficulties, is an opportunity to demonstrate your driving skills. By fulfilling these tasks, you improve your gameplay and gain access to a trove of additional goodies.

Maintain attention, strategize, and modify your driving style to the individual needs of each operation. Whether navigating a crowded cityscape or traveling a specific distance without collapsing, each achievement gets you closer to a world of exclusive benefits and increased prizes.

Complete mission

Collect Power-Ups and Coins

Fortune favors the attentive and observant in the bustling world of Traffic Rider. As you race through the streets, watch for power-ups and coins that may be used to access a world of higher prizes and bike upgrades.

Power-ups are your hidden weapon, providing short-term advantages on the road. They can be game changers in your quest for greater scores, from speed boosts to invincible shields. Capture them anytime they appear and unleash their full dominance over the asphalt.

Coins, on the other hand, are the progress currency. Collecting them not only increases your points but also allows you to improve the performance of your bike. With each coin you collect, you get closer to unlocking upgrades like faster acceleration, top speed, handling, and brakes. Invest intelligently in these improvements to unlock your vehicle’s real potential.

Upgrade Your Bike

Explore the world of bike upgrades in Traffic Rider to transform your two-wheeled buddy from a basic machine to a roaring powerhouse. Investing wisely in improving your bike’s performance opens the door to unrivaled possibilities, ultimately paving the path for higher scores and rich rewards.

Examine your bike’s characteristics and determine which areas need to be improved. Is it the acceleration, the peak speed, the handling, or the brakes? Customize your improvements to your preferred playstyle and aims. Acceleration enhancement allows you to unleash lightning-quick bursts of speed, while top speed enhancement assures you conquer the highways.

With each upgrade, your bike becomes a formidable opponent, propelling you to higher scores, faster lap times, and desired rewards. As the performance of your bike improves, so does your capacity to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Upgrade Your Bike
This image show Upgrade Your Bike

Watch ads for rewards

Discover the key to unlocking a wealth of goodies in Traffic Rider: the power of ads! An enticing option lies in specific game versions, allowing you to view advertisements and earn extra rewards.

Watching these adverts opens the door to a world of incentives and benefits that can enhance your gameplay experience. These incentives, which range from additional cash to power-ups, act as catalysts for quicker growth and victory on the path.

Make the most of these possibilities by selectively selecting times when a little additional help can make all the difference. These bonuses have the potential to boost your scores, unlock desirable upgrades, and pave the route for extraordinary success.

Use Headstarts

In Traffic Rider, use the power of headstarts to ignite your journey with an explosive burst of speed! Use headstart options to blast yourself ahead, covering more distance and opening the door to higher points when the opportunity arises.

A headstart gives you a thrilling edge at the start of a race, throwing you into the action with unrivaled speed. This first burst of speed allows you to outpace other riders and maneuver through traffic quickly, increasing your chances of getting a high score.

When using headstarts, timing is crucial. Choose the best time to activate this accelerated feature, ensuring a clear path ahead and a few obstructions to obstruct your progress. You’ll burst ahead with a well-timed headstart, leaving a trail of stunned competitors in your wake.

Play in Different Environments

In Traffic Rider, go on an adventurous adventure of varied locations and tracks, where every route promises new benefits. Extend your horizons and move beyond your comfort zone since varied situations present distinct opportunities for amazing deeds and enhanced rewards.

Each setting in the game has its own set of obstacles and benefits. Some may provide broader lanes, allowing for daring overtakes and quick traffic maneuvers. Others may have ramps and barriers that inspire you to execute incredible stunts and raise your score to unprecedented heights.

Immerse yourself in the bustling urban, where traversing crowded streets becomes an exciting test of skill and precision. Take to the twisty mountain roads, where hairpin curves and stunning views await. Discover the exhilaration of high-speed motorway pursuits or the adrenaline rush of racing through desolate expanses.

Practice and Patience

Mastery in traffic riding is the result of practice and perseverance. Remember that the secret to unlocking higher scores is dedicating yourself to perfecting your skills and deeply understanding the game’s mechanics as you embark on your quest to greatness.

Accept the road as your training ground, where every second behind the handlebars is an opportunity for improvement. You’ll become intimately acquainted with the game’s nuances through repeated play – the reactivity of your bike, the time required for overtakes, and the rhythm of the traffic flow.

Accept the difficulties, accept the setbacks, and keep moving forwards. The longer you play, the more you’ll discover Traffic Rider’s mysteries, unlocking new levels of achievement and greater scores.


The hunt for better rewards in the exciting world of Traffic Rider is a trip that requires talent, strategy, and perseverance. Focus on driving skilfully, overtaking traffic, maintaining high speeds, completing tasks, collecting power-ups and cash, upgrading your bike, watching advertising for rewards, playing in various surroundings, and practicing with patience to maximize your rewards. You may improve your scores and unlock larger milestones by perfecting your driving abilities, making wise judgments, and grabbing opportunities. Accept the challenges, learn from your mistakes, and let your perseverance propel you further. You get closer to the peak of achievement with each thrilling ride.

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