Traffic Racer For PC v3.6 Unlimited

For the passionate racers and arcade game enthusiasts out there, the “Traffic Racer For PC” offers an elevated gaming experience that’s hard to resist. Originally gaining massive popularity on mobile platforms, Traffic Racer has enthralled millions with its engaging gameplay, where players dodge and weave through endless traffic, aiming for the highest score. Now, with the “Traffic Racer for PC,” not only can you enjoy this exhilarating racing game on a bigger screen, but you also get the added advantages that come with the free version. 

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Traffic Racer For Pc


Android 5.0+







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From unlocked cars to unlimited in-game currency, ensures that racers have an edge as they cruise through diverse environments and face challenging traffic conditions. If you thought the original game was addictive, wait until you dive into the world of “Traffic Racer for PC,” where every race promises more thrill, more speed, and more rewards. You have android device you can also visit Traffic racer for android.

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Features Traffic Racer For Pc

Traffic Racer All Cars Unlocked

other Features

Endless Racing Mode

It’s you against the endless road in a test of skill, reflexes, and endurance. Every race is a new challenge, urging you to push your limits.

Realistic Physics

Every swerve and drift feels authentic. It’s a game that respects the laws of physics, making victories feel well earned and crashes, well, heart-wrenching.

Global Leaderboards

It’s a big world out there, and every racer wants to be the best. Climb the leaderboards and show the world your racing prowess.

Regular Updates

The road ahead is full of surprises. Regular updates bring in new cars, tracks, and challenges, ensuring the journey never gets old.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Traffic Racer for PC provides an elevated gaming experience with features like unlimited in-game currency, access to all cars from the start, and optimized graphics tailored for PC screens, giving players more freedom and a richer visual experience.

Absolutely! Players can instantly select and race with their favorite vehicles without any wait.

Beyond the graphics and unlocked features, the modded version provides a more streamlined gaming experience. Players can dive deeper into customization, explore diverse environments, and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, making each race more engaging and thrilling.


The “Traffic Racer for PC” stands out as a testament to how decrease can elevate a game’s experience. Offering players unrestricted access to all in-game features, coupled with enhanced graphics tailored for PC displays, it transforms the standard mobile game into a richer, more immersive experience. The ability to dive straight into the action, customize vehicles freely, and compete on a global stage ensures that both seasoned racers and newcomers find immense value and entertainment. As the world of gaming continues to evolve, free versions like this highlight the potential for games to be enjoyed across platforms, breaking barriers and expanding horizons.

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