Traffic Rider 2 MOD APK v2.1.16 (Unlimited Money) 2024

Want to win a championship in motorcycle racing? Look no further than Traffic Rider 2 Mod APK! This modified version of the popular game will get your blood pumping with its eye-popping visuals, fast action, and limitless customization choices. Get the download now, and prepare for the ride of your life!

What is Traffic Rider 2 Mod Apk?

Players of the popular racing game Traffic Rider 2 Mod APK will enjoy a thrilling and engaging experience. The user controls a motorcyclist across various courses, dodging vehicles and other hazards. The game’s outstanding 3D graphics make you feel like you’re racing a motorcycle across a realistic environment. You can also alter the look of your bike in the game by altering its paint job and upgrading its components. Visit popular car racing game Traffic racer mod apk

Traffic rider 2

Extra content is accessible in the modded game version, not the base release. For instance, there’s no need to advance through the game to access the full roster of bikes and tracks; they’re all available from the get-go. In addition, the patched version offers players an infinite bankroll for purchasing new bikes or upgrading their existing ones. Thanks to these additional elements, players may relax and enjoy the game without worrying about exhausting their supplies or getting stuck on a difficult level. You can also visit popular bike race game Traffic rider mod apk for android

Background Story

There is no defined plot for Traffic Rider 2. It’s important to note that this is a sequel to Soner Kara’s 2016 hit mobile game Traffic Rider Google play store. Little to the original game’s plot cast the user as a skilled motorcyclist navigating urban environments, roads, and deserts.

The player’s goal was to reach the finish line as quickly as possible on their motorcycle while avoiding collisions with other vehicles. They might get bonus points for doing tricks like wheelies, burnouts, and drifting. New motorcycles, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, became available to players as they advanced through the game. As a result of Traffic Rider’s popularity, a sequel was created, titled Traffic Rider 2, which adds additional features and upgrades the visual quality.

Despite the lack of a story. The game’s emphasis on realistic graphics and engaging gameplay helps to create a genuine feel. City streets, motorways, and deserts all feature in the game, giving players a wide variety of environments to explore. Fans of motorcycle racing games will enjoy the game’s fast-paced racing action game wings on fire apk and hard challenges.

Traffic Rider 2 Features

Realistic 3D graphics

With Traffic Rider 2, you’ll feel like riding a motorcycle, thanks to the game’s photorealistic 3D graphics. The game’s visuals are made to look and feel like the actual world in terms of physics, lighting, and texturing. The graphics are impressive, with realistic weather effects like rain and fog and intricate textures for buildings, roads, automobiles, and motorcycles.

Realistic 3D graphics Traffic rider 2 Mod APK

In this game, realistic animations and visual effects are achieved using cutting-edge graphics technology, including shaders, lighting, and particle effects. Shadows, reflections, and refractions are rendered using shaders, and lighting is made to simulate how light reacts with various materials. Particle effects, on the other hand, are employed to generate realistic smoke, dust, and other atmospheric features.

The end product is an incredibly lifelike game in its presentation of both the world and the motorcycle, with smooth controls, attention to detail, and eye-popping animations. game’s photorealistic 3D visuals create a more compelling and all-encompassing gaming experience.

Various tracks and locations

The game’s wide selection of tracks and environments is a major selling point for Traffic Rider 2. The game features a variety of settings, each of which presents its unique challenges and opportunities.

The tracks in the game take place in various environments, from city streets and highways to deserts, each presenting its challenges and obstacles. For instance, racing through crowded city streets necessitates lightning-fast reactions and pinpoint accuracy to prevent collisions with vehicles and pedestrians. On the other hand, highway racing is a test of both speed and endurance, as players must keep up a high rate of speed for a long time while dodging vehicles.

On the other hand, the desert tracks are meant to present a different kind of challenge, requiring the rider to have a solid grasp on the motorcycle’s handling and physics to navigate the uneven terrain, sharp curves, and dangerous leaps. The game’s realism is elevated, and the racing experience is more exciting because each track has its distinct atmosphere, complete with rain, snow, and fog.

Wide selection of motorcycles

There’s a large variety of motorcycles in Traffic Rider 2. Since every motorbike model has advantages and disadvantages, choosing the ideal one is a crucial strategic decision. Players can choose from various motorcycles, including street bikes, superbikes, dirt bikes, and choppers. Unlocked All Bike in traffic rider

The game has various motorcycles, and players can further personalize their rides by selecting unique paint jobs and various upgrades. Players can upgrade stats like speed, acceleration, and handling to make their motorcycles more effective.

Wide selection of motorcycles traffic rider 2 mod APK

Players can create their unique experience thanks to the game’s wide variety of motorcycles and customization possibilities, increasing the game’s replay value. The game’s high replay value stems from various motorcycles and customization possibilities, encouraging players to return for more.

Multiple game modes

The variety of playable game modes is a highlight of Traffic Rider 2. Thanks to these modes, there is a wide variety of play styles, so everyone can find their perfect fit.

The primary style of play is called “career,” and it’s meant to provide gamers with a set racing experience. New motorcycles and courses are made available to players as they go through the game’s stages in this mode. The mode’s difficulty gradually increases as the player advances through the levels, creating a well-rounded testing experience.

On the other hand, the infinite mode is intended to be played at a slower, more casual pace. Players can focus on scoring well and completing challenges in this mode, as there are no overarching goals or objectives.

The time trial style was implemented to encourage healthy competition. To see who can complete the course the quickest, players battle against the clock in this mode. Good moments in this mode need a high level of skill. Thus it’s excellent for players who value speed and accuracy.

Intuitive controls

Thanks to the game’s user-friendly interface, players won’t have trouble controlling their motorcycles in Traffic Rider 2. Players can customize their experience by selecting control schemes like tilt, touch, or gamepad controllers.

Players can control their motorcycle’s direction by tilting their tablet, creating a more realistic simulation of the experience. Players can easily conduct accurate maneuvers and avoid obstacles thanks to the touch controls, which allow them to guide their motorcycle by tapping and swiping on the screen.

The gamepad controls offer a more conventional and pleasant gaming experience for individuals who like them. Since various gamepads may be used with the game, gamers can easily select one that works for them.


Game settings, character appearances, and other elements can all be customized so that players feel more invested in the experience. Modifying motorcycles and their parts is a common kind of personalization in racing games like Traffic Rider 2.

Players in the game can alter their bikes in a few ways, such as by upgrading the bike’s engine, brakes, wheels, suspension, and exhaust. Players can select from a wide range of paint and decal options to further personalize the look of their motorcycle.

However, the game’s personalization choices are restricted compared to other racing games. The player cannot alter the rider’s appearance, the parts and accessories that are available, or the bike’s overall design.

Customization Traffic rider 2 Mod APK
Graphics icon

Graphic of Traffic Rider 2

Compared to its predecessor, Traffic Rider 2 has better graphics. The game’s visuals are outstanding, with realistic textures, shadows, and lighting effects that add to the gameplay experience. The motorcycles in the game are extremely detailed and realistically modeled, including the engine, body, wheels, and exhaust pipes.

Mod Features

  • Unlocking additional motorcycles
  • All premium features
  • Removing ads
  • Unlimited coins
  • Boosts and power-ups
  • Unlimited Money
  • Customization options
Other Mod Features traffic rider 2 Mod apk


The options in the thrilling motorcycle racing game Traffic Rider 2 are plentiful. The game’s tracks and settings, each with difficulties and obstacles, keep things interesting and fresh.

In the game’s main “career” mode, players go through various levels to gain access to new motorcycles and circuits. Players in this mode must win a series of races with their challenges and rewards to advance through the game.

In the game’s endless mode, players have no goals or objectives to achieve as they race across the game’s tracks. This mode is intended to be played at a more casual pace, with the sole goal of racking up as many points as possible and completing as many achievements as possible.

Players seeking a more challenging and competitive experience may enjoy the time trial option. To see who can complete the course the quickest, players battle against the clock in this mode. Players who thrive on difficulty will like this mode’s increased emphasis on skill and precision.

The variety of bikes available to riders is a highlight of the game. Since every motorbike model has advantages and disadvantages, choosing the ideal one is a crucial strategic decision. Players can personalize their vehicle by selecting from various models and colors and upgrade choices to add depth and variety to the gameplay.

The controls are simple, so riding your motorcycle around town is a breeze. Every player’s desire can be accommodated by offering a choice of tilt, touch, or gamepad controls.


  • Thrilling gameplay experience
  • Improved graphics quality
  • Variety of motorcycles


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Limited customization options

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a free-to-play game.

The game requires at least Android 5.0 or above for Android devices and at least iOS 11.0 or higher for iOS devices.

yes it is playable offline.

You can play games both online and offline.

In the game, players can customize their motorcycles. They can personalize their vehicle by selecting various models, colors, and upgrade choices.

It supports gamepad controls, allowing players to experience the game with a standard gaming controller.

No, game does not support multiplayer. However, users can compete against one another via the internet leaderboard to see who can get the greatest score.


In addition to its gorgeous 3D visuals, various motorcycles, tracks, and environments, user-friendly controls, and several fascinating game modes, Traffic Rider 2 mod apk is also fun to play. If you enjoy racing games or are just looking for a fun distraction, give it a shot. Get on your bike and attack the streets in the game to feel the adrenaline of fast-paced motorbike racing!


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