Traffic Rider Bike List – (Updated) 2023

Traffic rider bike list

The Traffic Rider game promises unrivaled excitement and delivers in every way, particularly with its extensive “Traffic Rider” bike list. From the agile scooter to the screaming chopper, each entry in this series is thoughtfully constructed for an authentically exciting experience. Put on your virtual leathers and helmet, and saddle up for your fantasy ride. As you browse our “Traffic Rider” bike list, prepare to release your inner explorer. The trip has only just begun. Download Traffic rider Apk All bike unlocked

Traffic Rider bike list

Each bike in “Traffic Rider” provides a different, immersive experience, making every ride memorable. The Traffic Rider Bike List currently includes over 34 bikes, each providing a genuine experience with authentic engine sounds, customization options, and the freedom to customize to your heart’s content.

FROD-X (Listed in top 6)
TOMA (Listed in top 6)
AURA (Listed in top 6)
MX-450S (Listed in top 6)
VALKYRIE (Listed in top 6)
LAZ-400 (Listed in top 6)

If you’ve ever wanted to feel the wind on your virtual face as you speed down the highway on your favorite two-wheeler, this game is for you. The bike you choose can significantly impact your game experience; some are agile and swift, ideal for weaving through traffic, while others provide sheer power for high-speed interstate rides.

Starting the game from the beginning, whether on the Google Play Store or the App Store, gives you a single bike to begin your trip. However, with the Traffic Rider APK, you can enjoy the game immediately. The APK version includes much more money, allowing you to unlock, purchase, or customize any bike from the huge Traffic Rider Bike List as you see fit.

Top 6 Bikes in Traffic Rider Bike List

Many players approach the top-tier bikes packed with luxury amenities while considering the greatest bikes in “Traffic Rider.” Compared to alternative options, these bikes frequently have higher performance, handling, and speed, which can considerably improve the gameplay experience.

However, obtaining these elite bikes usually comes at a high-cost in-game currency and requires significant effort. Unlocking them frequently necessitates completing several quests and amassing significant cash. Some gamers use methods and tricks in different game modes to speed up the process, such as time trial and infinite mode.
6 bikes in particular, are very popular among gamers. These high-end bikes offer the thrill of speed and superior handling and braking, making them a popular choice among many.

Top Traffic Rider bike list

1. LAZ-400

The LAZ-400 is an outstanding option in the “Traffic Rider” game, especially when fully customized. When the LAZ-400’s talents are fully upgraded, it has great stats that set it apart from many other bikes in the game. A fully customized LAZ-400 offers the following features:

  • Power: 360/360: This is the bike’s maximum power stat. The bike’s power dictates how quickly it can go, and with the LAZ-400 fully charged, you may expect to hit maximum speeds in the game.
  • Handling: 340/340: Handling relates to the bike’s ability to maneuver through turns and weave through traffic.
  • Braking: 350/350: Braking controls how quickly the bike can come to a stop.


The VALKYRIE bike in “Traffic Rider” is another excellent option for players, particularly when completely upgraded. Its excellent stats make it a highly sought-after bike in the game. The VALKYRIE’s capabilities after customization are as follows:

  • Power: 350/350: The power stat shows the bike’s top speed. The VALKYRIE is one of the quickest bikes in the game, with a power of 350/350, making it a perfect pick for gamers looking to burn through the streets at high speed.
  • Handling: 320/320: This rating pertains to the bike’s maneuverability and ability to weave through traffic.
  • Braking: 340/340: This figure represents how quickly the bike can decelerate or stop.

3. MX-450S

The MX-450S in “Traffic Rider” is a formidable contender and a popular choice among many players, especially when customized. Its stats at the highest level make it an excellent choice in the game. When fully customized, the MX-450S has the following capabilities:

  • Power: 340/340: Power represents the bike’s top speed.
  • Handling: 330/330: This assesses the bike’s agility and control, which are especially crucial when manoeuvring through traffic or tackling sharp turns.
  • Braking: 325/325: This evaluates the bike’s ability to decelerate or stop.


The AURA’s maximum stats make it a viable option in the game. When fully customised, the AURA provides the following features:

  • Power: 330/330: This figure shows the highest speed of the bike. The AURA is one of the fastest bikes in the game, with a power stat of 330/330.
  • Handling: 310/310: Maneuvrability is crucial when it comes to managing how effectively the bike can travel through tight places and through sharp curves.
  • Braking: 320/320: Braking is a measurement of how rapidly the bike can slow or stop.


The TOMA bike in “Traffic Rider” is another outstanding option for players, especially when fully customized. At the highest level, its powers make it an appealing choice in the game. When fully upgraded, the TOMA provides the following features:

  • Power: 320/320: This is the maximum speed of the bike. TOMA is one of the fastest bikes in the game, with a power stat of 320/320.
  • Handling: 300/300: This score influences the bike’s maneuverability, which is important for negotiating through traffic or making quick turns.
  • 290/290: The braking stat indicates how quickly the bike can decelerate or stop.


The FROD-X is an appealing option in “Traffic Rider,” especially when fully upgraded. The abilities of this bike at their peak make it a great challenger in the game. What you may expect from the fully customized FROD-X is as follows:

  • Power: 310/310: Power is what determines a bike’s top speed. With a power rating of 310/310, the FROD-X is one of the quickest bikes in “Traffic Rider.”
  • Handling: 280/280: This figure indicates the bike’s ability to maneuver, whether it’s maneuvering through heavy traffic or negotiating tight corners.
  • Braking: 300/300: The braking stat indicates how rapidly the bike can slow down or stop.

New Update

Soner Kara has elevated the “Traffic Rider” experience to new heights with the most recent update, providing exciting new additions and upgrades. These upgrades are designed to meet the needs of gamers and improve their overall gaming experience.

  1. Soner Kara has added three new bikes: the LX-400, Valkyrie, and MX-450S. These bikes, with their own powers and characteristics, introduce additional dynamics to the game, providing players with more options for selecting their preferred ride.
  2. New tasks: The addition of 14+ new tasks increases players’ interest and involvement. These additional challenges put the player’s riding talents to the test, providing a fun yet tough gameplay experience.
  3. Creative Stickers: The update also includes some creative stickers, which bring a new level of personalization to the game. This allows gamers to further customize their bikes, displaying their ingenuity and style.


The wide range of bikes available in “Traffic Rider” provides gamers with a fully immersive and intense racing experience. The game offers a plethora of possibilities, ranging from entry-level bikes to high-end, top-tier models such as the LX-400, VALKYRIE, and MX-450S. Each bike has its own set of characteristics in terms of power, handling, and braking, allowing players to choose and customize based on their preferred play style and strategy.

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