Wings on Fire APK v1.38 for Android

Embark on a thrilling aerial adventure with “Wings on Fire Apk,” a game that takes the excitement of flying to a whole new level. The Wings on Fire Apk enhances the original game with additional features like unlimited gems and coins, unlocking new dimensions of gameplay. Players can upgrade their aircraft, customize their flying experience, and engage in exhilarating battles against AI opponents or in freestyle flight.

This apk version not only offers new levels and challenges that are not available in the standard game but also improves upon the graphics, making the experience more visually stunning. Whether you’re weaving through obstacles or taking on formidable enemies, the game keeps you engaged with its continuous action and varying gameplay modes. Available for Pc Android and iOS devices, Wings on Fire Apk is a must-try for anyone seeking a unique and captivating gaming experience. you are cars games lover must visit traffic racer.

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Features Wings on Fire Apk

Unlimited Money

Wellcome into the world of Wings on Fire Apk and bid farewell to the limitations of in-game money by providing unlimited money. Envision an endless reservoir of gems and coins at your fingertips. This pivotal feature revolutionizes your gaming experience, allowing for unrestricted acquisition of upgrades and items. Imagine an infinite wallet, liberating you from the grind of currency accumulation and shifting your focus purely to the joys of gameplay and exploration.

Unlimited money

Thrilling Challenges

Step beyond the familiar with this apk, which introduces a myriad of new levels and challenges. Each level is a unique journey, distinct from the last, continually rejuvenating the game with fresh excitement. Navigate treacherous landscapes, confront novel adversaries, and discover the continuous surprises that await each session.

The Saga of Endless Skies

Wings on Fire Apk offers a perpetual flight experience, a game without finality, where challenges progressively escalate in thrill and complexity. Each flight is a unique odyssey, filled with unforeseen adventures. It’s an ideal playground for those who relish the adrenaline of ceaseless progression and limited testing.

Enhanced Graphics

The apk brings a heightened visual splendor to the game. Every environment is meticulously detailed, and the aircraft are rendered with stunning realism. This visual enhancement not only elevates gameplay enjoyment but also immerses you fully, placing you in the heart of the skies.

Enhanced Graphics

Personalize Your Journey

Character customization in this game offers a canvas for your personal expression. With an array of skins and outfits at your disposal, tailor your character to reflect your individuality. This feature enriches your gaming experience, making it distinctively yours.

Diverse Modes for Every Player

Wings on Fire Apk caters to a wide range of preferences with its varied game modes. Whether you’re drawn to story-driven quests, competitive gameplay, or leisurely exploration, there’s a mode tailored for your style. This diversity ensures a constantly refreshing gaming experience, with new ways to engage.

Authentic Flight Dynamics

The game’s realistic flight physics adds an authentic dimension, particularly appealing to aviation enthusiasts. It’s more than mere button-pressing; strategic thinking and genuine piloting skills come into play, mirroring the complexities of real-world aviation.

Game Mode

Wings on Fire Apk is a fast and fun game with different ways to play. You can fly and shoot enemies in ‘Arcade Mode’. If you like stories, try ‘Adventure Mode’ to go through different levels. For a big challenge, there’s ‘Survival Mode’ where you fight lots of enemies. ‘Time Trial’ is about flying fast against the clock.

select game mode
select game mode

There’s also ‘Battle Mode’ to play against other people online and see who’s the best. These different modes make the game special and different from other airplane shooting games. So, whatever kind of game you like, you’ll find something enjoyable in Wings on Fire.


This game is an exhilarating action-adventure designed specifically for Android users and is part of the celebrated Wings on Fire series:

Crafting and Enhancing Wings: A standout feature of this game is its focus on developing and reinforcing your wings. These wings aren’t just for show; they’re crucial for your journey, helping you navigate and survive in increasingly hostile territories. As the game progresses, enhancing your wings becomes essential for staying one step ahead of danger.

The game challenges you to adapt and strategize, finding the best ways to overcome these foes. This constant battle for survival keeps the game exhilarating.

The game doesn’t skimp on the variety of weapons and gear. These items are key to tailoring your wings and gameplay experience, providing both a tactical advantage and a chance to make your wings truly your own.

Each level in the game is a new chapter in your adventure, often introducing new environments and challenges. Progression is marked by your ability to navigate these levels, each presenting its own set of obstacles and enemies.

The game goes beyond mere survival; it’s about making your wings an extension of your strategy and style.

Overall, the game promises a rich and varied experience, blending fast-paced action with elements of strategic play and customization. It’s ideally suited for those who love action-packed adventures and enjoy evolving their gameplay over time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Wings on Fire Apk is an action-packed mobile game for Android devices. It’s part of the Wings on Fire series and focuses on aerial combat and adventure. Players fly through various levels, encountering different challenges and enemies, and can customize and upgrade their aircraft.

Currently, Wings on Fire Apk is designed specifically for Android devices. It is not available for iOS, so iPhone users might need to look for alternative games or platforms to play it.

While some aspects of the game, like the Battle Mode where you compete against other players online, require an internet connection, other modes like Arcade and Adventure can typically be played offline.


Wings on Fire Apk offers a rich and engaging experience for Android gamers, blending high-paced aerial combat with diverse gameplay modes. From the thrill of the Arcade Mode to the strategic depths of Adventure and Survival Modes, the game caters to a wide array of preferences. Its focus on customization and upgradeable elements allows players to tailor their experience, adding a personal touch to their aerial adventures. While it’s currently exclusive to Android, its varied modes, including the competitive online Battle Mode, make it a standout choice in its genre. Free to play with optional in-game purchases, Wings on Fire Apk is an accessible and entertaining option for those seeking an action-packed mobile gaming experience.

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