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Traffic Rider MOD APK v1.99b (Unlimited Money) 2024

About Traffic Rider Mod Apk

In this game Players are roaming in the streets on their bikes and cross the hurdles in their way and complete the hard taks for achieving exciting prizes. This latest modified version of the game has unlock mode for unlocking the latest and updated features of the game, through you can enjoy the game with more features than the old version of the game.

This game has a unique of the main character with his amazing struggle and achievements. The character of this game has face lot of problems due to its financial issue and he takes debt from his friend and relative but as the time passes they want their money back but he has nothing to return. He decide to earn a lot of money to come out of the problems.

The character of this game is the bike rider who participated in the racing competition for the sake of earn money. After that he become a famous rider of the city due to his amazing skills and struggle. He earn a lot of money by winning in these competitions and he decides to spent his life in a way.

What is Traffic Rider mod APK?

Traffic Rider mod APK is a game about the bike race and mission. In this game you play the role of bike rider and cross the roads, streets of the city with his unique skills and features of the game. The main character of the game is financially depressed due to A lot of money has been taken from the people and they are demanding their money back, he want their money back.

One day he saw a lot of bike riders that are passing through the secret area of the city and Followed these people to know the purpose of their going toward the secrete area. When he reached there he saw that they are accumulated there for a race to win a cash prize. They are all expert then the main character of the game. But he decide to participate at any case.

But when he participated in the race, he did his best and made his place in the race and all the rider are really impresed by his efforts and skill as a new candidate of the race. He win cash prize and improve his skills day by day. He become a famous rider of the city, but as he become famous the danger increase, the famous and the skilled rider was sent toward the dangerous site by race management.

At the dangerous road he will also do his best and win a lot of prizes and he was feeling close to his destination, then he decides to pay all his debts to the people he has taken. After free from that problem he want settle is life in new way. In this game you can learn how to fillful your needs and face the problem, Don’t lose heart until you achieve your destination.

Main Features of Traffic Rider Mod Apk

Graphics icon

3D Graphics

In this game you will you will enjoy the features and animation of the game in the realistic life experience due to it provides you 3D graphic that can enhace the quality of the animation. You can enjoy the game with a unique theme of the game that make it different from the other games. In this game you can see a lot buildings, streets and busy roa of the city.

motor bike icon

Various bikes

The Traffic Rider mod APK provides you a lot of bikes that you can unlock the bikes through your performance in the game, every bike in the game has another level of structure and performance. Each game has the visual mode though which you can see you front side traffic and hurdles. Every Sports bikes in this game has different way to handle it and different features. That are helpful for the player according to their need in the race, that can fulfill all the needs of the players.


The most attractive and outstanding features of this game, that is customization through which you can changes the structures of the game according to your need and moods. This game will provide you a lot designs that are a helpful to change the structure of the bike. There are also a lot colors that you can choose for you bike as one or the two color combo. This game allows their players to also customize their main character,select the outfits that you want.

Upgrade mode

This is also attractive feature of the game that attract the players toward the game, through this feature you can upgrade your bikes. This upgrade can improve the skills of the bike and you also update up character. This feature is also helpful for achieving the money and a lot of prizes by upgrading you bike and character.

A lot of task

The most important and basic feature of every game is the tasks and challenges, the Traffic Rider has a lot tasks and levels by completing them you can will a lot of cash prizes and it will also help you to upgrade you bike features. In this game you have complete a lot tasks like speedup you bike or collect the gem or coins and a lot of challlengs you can face in the game that enhance the Game curiosity.

online leaderboard icon

Online Leaderboards

This is unique feature of this game that can allow its players to check the scores or the players over the worldwilde, which can helpful to improve you scores in the game. So it is as the motivated option of the game that will help the new players to improve their game and enhance their ability of achieving the scores.

Main Features of Traffic Rider Mod Apk

Additional Features of Traffic Rider

First person view

This is helpful feature of the game, through which you can see the other players position on the road and also check the area through which you pass. You can also pass the hurdles easily by the see through the front.

First person view

Easy to handle

The interface of this game is very friendly, you can easily handle it according to yor need. This game has understandable option through which you can easily understand the features and tasks of the game. This game also provide you a guiding mode that can helpful in the case you cannot understand its tasks or other options.


This sound of the game is very attractive and it gives the realistic feel to the players. In this game you can hear a lot of sound like bike horns and a lot of traffic sounds etc, that provide the amazing and better experience to the player.



The Traffic Rider is easily avilable on the google play store, so you can easily download this game through you Apple store or google store as your devices have the application.

Key Features

  • Unlimited money
  • New Music Library
  • Revamped User Interface
  • Enhanced Graphic Quality
  • Upgraded Mechanics
  • Expanded Storyline
  • Additional Customization Options
  • Optimized Performance
  • Lots of new animations
  • Addition of 100+ new bikes
  • Outfits new collection
  • Attractive gamepaly
  • Addition of animation
  • Addition of skins
  • Mapping mode with guidelines
  • Music library with an additional soundtrack

How to Download And Install Traffic Rider Mod Apk on Andriod?

You can easily download the Traffic Rider Mod APK by following the steps that are given below:

  • Download APK file
  • Open the file and go to the setting
  • enable the unknown resources
  • Install the application
  • After completion of the installation process
  • Signup and enjoy the application

Traffic Rider Mod APK Download Detail

App nameTraffic Rider Mod APK
DevelopersSoner kara
Game genreRacing
Realse dateJanuary 2016
Latest version1.99b
Size159.4 MBs
Get it onGoogle play store

What is new in Traffic Rider mod APK?

In the updated and the latest version of the Traffic Rider you can enjoy a lot new and updated features, Smooth control in the latest verion has another level to easy to control and with new options. Realistic sound effect is another feature of the game, 3D graphics can enter you in the real world of bike racing.

Traffic Rider APK unlimited money is latest feature of the game through which you can win a lot money by completing a lot of challenges and tasks. You spend this money in the upgrade of your bike and the characters. In the old version you have to unlock the features And tasks but in this latest version you can enjoy these features at the start of the game also.
Gameplay of this has another level, in which you control the speed of the game, you speedup your bike and cross the competitor in the race for winnig in the game. This game provides their players a lot of modes like Time Trial, Free Ride, and Career etc, these all are helpful for the players and enhance the skills in the game race.

What is new in Traffic Rider mod APK

Game Modes

  • Free of cost
  • Custom mode
  • Feedback
  • Animation
  • Attractive environment
  • Multiple languages
  • Endless mode
  • Upgrading mode
  • Career mode
  • Time trial mode
  • Rewading mode

Pros and Cons of Traffic Rider


  • 3D graphics
  • Endless fun with a lot features
  • Front view
  • Customizatio
  • Online leaderboard


  • Limited tasks
  • Only one view for player

Our experience with Traffic Rider mod APK

Traffic Ride mod APK is a outstanding game which if full of a lot features and skills that are help for the players in the ride experience. We have already play the Traffic Ride game with a lot of features but in this you have to first complete the task and then you will able to unlock the features, but the mod version of this game has the all the features at the start of the game.

In this game we experience the leaderboard, that is as the helper or improver for the player because through which we can able to watch the score of the players of this game over the worldwide, and that can help to improve your score in the game. There is another outsanding feature, we love that, custom mode in which you can customize your bike according to your choice and it also provide you a lot of designs and colors that are helpful to design your bike And also customize tour main character.

We really enjoy our ride experience in the Traffic Ride mod APK. In This game player can win a lot of prizes in the form of gold coin, sliver coin, gems ad money. These all prizes are helpful for the players to upgrade their bikes, purchase the tools of the bikes and also upgrade their character that all are help in the race.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, players can enjoy the Traffic Rider mod APK in offline mode and with same features as on the online mode.

Yes, this game has unlocking mode through which you can unlock a lot features and bikes in the Traffic Ride mode APK.

yes , the Traffic Rider is the safe to play and also safe to download because it is available on google play store.

No, this has only single player mode you enjoy the as the single player and win a lot prizes.


Traffic Ride mod APK is the racing game in which your are single player and race with other bike rider in the game. This racing game provide a lot of features to its players, unlimited money is the most attractive feature of the game through which you can able to win a lot of money by completing the tasks that are provided by the game. Leaderboard is the fabulous feature of the game through which you can check the score over the worldwide players. You must play this game because it provide you with a reallife experience with high quality of 3D graphics and also due to a lot of interesting skillful features.