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Traffic Rider MOD APK v1.95 (Unlimited Money) 2023

Are you looking for a high-speed adrenaline rush on your mobile device? Look no further than Traffic Rider Mod Apk! This fast racing game takes you on a crazy adventure through crowded city streets, with amazing visuals and frantic action that will keep you on the tip of your seat.

With unlimited money and unlocked features, you can customize your bike, increase your talents, and take on even the toughest challenges. Get ready to feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of the road with Traffic Rider Mod APK!

  • Ads free
  • Extra boosts
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlock All bikes
  • Unlock all premium features

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Game

Traffic Rider Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular Traffic Rider mobile game. All the content from the original game is included, with some extras like infinite money, unlocked motorcycles, and level skips. Players navigate crowded city streets on motorcycles, avoiding obstacles and completing difficult assignments for prizes. The version unlocks all game features, making it easier to go through stages and enjoy the game.

Background story

The protagonist of Traffic Rider is a competent motorcyclist trying to make ends meet in the hectic streets of a major city. The rider is deeply in debt and needs immediate financial assistance due to many misfortunes.

While cruising through the city on his motorcycle one day, the rider encounters a gang of expert motorcyclists engaged in some kind of underground race. The rider enters the race because they are intrigued by the prospect of high stakes and rapid success.

The rider is a relative newbie to the scene, but their impressive performance rapidly earns them a spot among the city’s elite racers. He improves financially and technologically with each race he enters.

But as the rider’s popularity increases, so does the risk. In the underground racing circuit, riders often face difficult situations, including dangerous roads, potential crashes, and evasion of authorities.

The more he competes and wins, the more he can afford to daydream about a brighter future for himself. He plans to use the money to settle his debts, buy a new house, and start a new life.

Traffic Rider is a tale of grit, bravery, and the will to succeed to achieve personal fulfillment. Players will feel the rider’s journey’s ups and downs and the race’s excitement as they make their way through the crowded city streets.

Game Features

1. Realistic Graphics

One thing that sets Traffic Rider distinct from other motorbike racing games is its realistic graphics. The game’s cutting-edge 3D visuals provide a believable and exciting experience. The visuals are made with meticulous attention to detail to portray a realistic setting convincingly. You have iPad or any iOS devices you can also download Traffic rider mod apk ios

The game’s aesthetics, for instance, mimic how light reflects off the road, how trees and buildings in the background move, and how the rider interacts with their surroundings. The game’s textures are top-notch and detailed, furthering the sense of realism presented by the visuals.

The game also includes a physics engine that accurately replicates the feel of riding a motorcycle, crashing into other cars and the aftermath of such an event. This helps to further immerse the player in the game, giving them the impression that they are driving a motorcycle through a crowded metropolis.

The realistic visuals in Traffic Rider are eye-catching and integral to the game’s mechanics. Players can more accurately gauge their distance from other vehicles on the road because of the game’s visuals, allowing for more precise maneuvering and strategic planning.

Graphic of Traffic rider game

2. Diverse Bikes

One of Traffic Rider’s many appealing features is the game’s wide variety of motorcycles. The game features a diverse selection of motorcycles, each with visual and play styles.

Sports bikes, cruisers, and choppers are just some options for players. Detailed textures and real reflections give the impression that you’re looking at a real motorcycle, and each bike has its unique visual style.

Each bike, in addition to its distinct appearance, rides and handles differently. Various bicycles cater to riders’ needs, with some focusing on speed and acceleration and others on handling and control. This enables more customization of the gameplay experience, as players can select a bike that best suits their playstyle.
As they go through the game’s Career Mode, players can access new bikes and improvements, expanding their repertoire and letting them further personalize their experience.

Diverse Bikes

3. Upgrades and Customization

In addition to the game’s core gameplay, Traffic Rider Mod apk boasts a wealth of fascinating upgrade and customization options. In Career Mode, you can advance financially by achieving certain goals and completing assignments. With this more cash, they can put it towards better parts and more unique touches for their bikes.

Players can increase their bikes’ performance and handling by upgrading parts like the engine, brakes, and suspension. Investing in these upgrades is vital because they improve players’ ability to progress through the game and get high scores.

Players cannot only upgrade their bikes but also alter their appearance. They can customize their motorcycle to reflect their unique style by picking from various available colors and designs.

The option to improve and modify bikes adds a new dimension to the gameplay experience, allowing players to make the game their own. Thanks to this feature, players will feel a sense of success as they upgrade their bikes and level up in the game’s Career Mode. Like same features of 3d game Traffic Rider 2 Mod Apk bike racing game.

4. First-person View

The novel addition of Traffic Rider’s first-person perspective sets it apart from previous motorbike racing video games. Taking on the role of the rider, gamers are immersed in a more realistic and exciting racing experience.

The First-Person View mode places the player’s perspective just behind the motorcycle’s handlebars, simulating the sensation of being behind the wheel. In this mode, players can see the terrain and other vehicles ahead, creating a more realistic and exciting experience.

One advantage of playing in First-Person View is that it gives gamers a sense of agency over the motorcycle. The player’s sense of speed and danger is amplified in this setting, as the wind whips past them and the road becomes a blur.

The First-Person View mode provides more than just immersion; it also gives you a tactical edge. By experiencing the course from the rider’s point of view, players can better plan ahead for twists and obstacles and respond swiftly to sudden changes.

first person view

5. Challenging Missions

One main thing that makes Traffic Rider so much fun is the game’s challenging Missions. Each of the game’s many difficult missions has its own specific goal and level of challenge.

These quests challenge players, testing their ability to multitask, react quickly, and perform tasks under pressure. There are tasks where you have to attain a certain speed; somewhere, you have to complete a certain amount of maneuvers; others where you have to gather coins and power-ups.

Traffic riders’ demanding tasks are intended to keep players interested and motivated by rewarding them with a sense of achievement upon completion. The game’s Career Mode revolves around these tasks, delivering a linear and increasingly challenging experience for the player.

In addition to the story objectives included in the game’s Career Mode, Traffic Rider also has a Time Trial mode that tasks players with completing a track as rapidly as possible. With this mode, users can test their skills against their personal bests or other players worldwide via online leaderboards.

6. Global Leaderboards

Traffic Rider’s Global Leaderboards allow gamers to compare their scores with racers worldwide. Top players in the game are ranked according to their best times in time trials, highest scoring, and overall distance traveled.

Players can assess where they stand about the rest of the world by checking out the global leaderboards. This ups the game’s stakes and motivates participants to practice and perfect their techniques. As a result, players may engage in healthy rivalry and learn useful methods from one another.

Feature of traffic rider mod apk

7. Smooth Controls

The game’s smooth controls are crucial to delivering a fun and satisfying experience for Traffic Rider’s gamers. The game’s controls are made to be intuitive, so players can zip through traffic and pull off tricks with confidence.

To control the motorcycle’s left and right movement in Traffic Rider, players need just use their device’s accelerometer. In addition to using the arrow keys, players can tap the screen to control the motorcycle’s speed.

The controls are sensitive and precise, giving players a feeling of mastery and security as they weave through traffic and pull off tricks. Because of this, gamers of all experience levels may jump right in and have a good time.

In addition to the standard controls, Traffic Rider includes several additional controls that greatly improve the ease with which players can pull off tricks and other sophisticated maneuvers. Wheelies, stoppies, and other stunts and jumps are all in your control with these settings.

8. Realistic Sound Effects

To further immerse the player, Traffic Rider includes realistic sound effects. The game ups the realism and tension with engine sounds that realistically mimic the noises of various motorcycles.

Traffic Rider’s sound effects are interactive and dynamic, shifting in response to the player’s movements. The engine’s noise, for instance, will increase in volume and intensity as the player speeds up and will shift in pitch when the gears are changed.

The game includes several types of noise, including engine noises, the sound of tires screaming, horns honking, and wrecks. These sound effects add to the realism and immersion of the game, making it feel like the player is truly driving a motorcycle through a crowded street.

Players will have a better time and a more immersive experience thanks to the realistic sound effects in Traffic Rider. Realistic sound effects contribute to the game’s adrenaline and intensity, whether players speed through traffic or pull off stunts.

Traffic Rider Mod APK unlimited money 

The Modded Version option in Traffic Rider adds new content to the game that wasn’t there before. A version of Traffic Rider often grants players unlimited money, unlocked motorcycles, and other bonuses to facilitate quicker and easier progression through the game.

The ability to earn as much cash as you want is a major improvement in the modded version of Traffic Rider. This ensures gamers can spend as much money as they like on in-game enhancements and personalizations. With an infinite budget, players can invest in the best parts and upgrades for their bikes, making light work of the game’s missions and hastening their overall progression.

Games Unlimited money

Unlocked motorcycles are another perk of the modified version of Traffic Rider. The original game’s bikes are locked behind tasks, and levels players must complete to unlock. But in the version, all the bikes are unlocked at the start of the game, offering gamers more options right away.

Modified copies of Traffic Rider often come with extras like infinite gasoline and boost and graphical enhancements.


Players in Traffic Rider take control of a high-speed motorcycle and race through congested city streets while completing quests and pulling off spectacular feats.

At the outset, the player selects a motorcycle from various options. Because of the wide variety of bikes available, it’s up to the rider to pick the one that best suits their play style.

The game’s several modes, such as Career, Endless, Time Trial, and Free Ride, keep players interested and involved. In Career mode, players take on tasks that progressively increase in difficulty and complexity. Earning money during the game allows players to buy and customize their motorcycles to make them faster and stronger and buy new bikes as they level up.

In Endless mode, players attempt to get as far as they can without colliding through a never-ending stream of traffic. At the same time, the game’s Time Trial mode tasks players with finishing a route as quickly as possible, and Free Ride mode lets them freely explore the world without any goals or time constraints.

The game’s first-person perspective puts players squarely in control of their motorcycle for a thrilling ride. Wheelies and drifts are just two tricks players may pull off to rack up points and unlock goodies.

The game’s visuals are impressive, with urban streets, highways, and country roads all rendered in breathtaking detail. This game’s authentic sound effects include engine revving, tire screaming, and collisions. Players may effortlessly dodge oncoming vehicles and pull off impressive feats thanks to the game’s snappy and responsive controls.

Game Modes

Another notable element of Traffic Rider that keeps players focused and entertained is the availability of multiple game modes. The game features three distinct game modes, each with its distinct gameplay style and set of obstacles.

Traffic rider game modes

1. Career Mode

Players proceed through a succession of stages in Career Mode, each with its unique set of tasks and objectives. Players earn money and unlock new bikes and upgrades as they complete quests. The Career Mode is intended to provide gamers with an organized and demanding gameplay experience that will keep them occupied for hours.

2. Endless Mode

Endless Mode pits players against an endless stream of traffic, seeking to get as far as possible without crashing. Endless Mode is intended to provide a more relaxed and informal gameplay experience, allowing players to enjoy the game without feeling obligated to complete quests

3. Time Trial Mode

Players race against the clock to see who can finish a set route the quickest in Time Trial Mode. The objective is to achieve a higher score than you achieved previously or to compete with other players worldwide. Time Trial Mode is intended to give a fast-paced, intense gameplay experience that pushes players to their limits.

4. Free ride mode

Another game mode in Traffic Rider is Free Ride Mode, which allows players to explore the game area without defined aims or goals. Unlike Career Mode, Endless Mode, and Time Trial Mode, there is no time limit or specified objectives to achieve in Free Ride Mode. This mode allows players to freely ride their selected motorcycle and explore the game’s world at their leisure.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Diverse game modes
  • Relaxing and inquisitive
  • Customization
  • Global leaderboards


  • Boring gameplay
  • Few tracks
  • Solo mode
  • Restrictive camera angles

How to download traffic rider mod APK

The following are the processes for downloading and installing Traffic Rider Mod Apk:

  • To manually install an APK file, activate the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • To begin the download, click the download option provided on the website.
  • The downloaded APK file should be in your device’s Downloads folder or wherever you selected.
  • To begin the installation procedure, tap on the file. Wait for the installation to finish after following the on-screen directions.
  • Tap the icon to launch the game and begin playing with the version’s modifications. Like same download process for Traffic rider mod apk for pc
Download Traffic Rider mod apk

App information

Game TitleTraffic Rider Mod APK
DeveloperSoner Kara
Release DateJanuary 2016
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Game GenreRacing, Simulation

Yes, you may play the game without an online connection.

Earning money in the game and purchasing new bikes in the garage unlocks more.

Yes, players may customize their bikes in the garage with upgrades and cosmetic options.

No, there are only single-player modes in the game.


If you want a thrilling racing game with outstanding visuals and sound, look no further than Traffic Rider Mod apk. The game’s global leaderboards, various bikes, hard tasks, and multiple game modes make for hours of fun. The game’s modded version and customization choices increase its overall appeal despite its shortcomings, such as tedious gameplay and a lack of music.